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Customer Service


Service Commitment 
1.Our customer service personnel shall perform equipment installation once equipment arrive at customer site, where individual personnel will stay from 3 to 7 days (or longer upon request ) after installation to provide further training and technical guidance.
2. Within a month after installation of particular equipment customer service personnel will make irregular distance support call to understand the machine performance and operating status to ensure if any problems occur there will be suggestions & solution to counter with, all to the satisfaction of customer. 
3. All complaints about product will entitle an official reply within one hours time.  If particular equipment break down or malfunction service personnel shall be on site within 6 hours time (within delta pearl region, 24 hours for non office hour ) or 72 hours time for further region.
4. Company 24 hour service hotline – 400-606-9633
5. Ugren will bear all cost for any quality issue arise within warranty period of particular product 
6. Free labor service & fixes will also be provided (within warranty period) even though the root cause is human error or mis-operate while customer only pay for minimum material cost.